I'm a picture editor with over 15 years experience in the industry, with credits in short films, nationally broadcasted commercials and digital content.  Originally from San Francisco, I currently reside in Los Angeles to work in scripted narrative projects.

As a storyteller, there's nothing I love more than to weave sight and sound to take the audience on an emotional journey.  And as an editor, I know that these stories are only brought to life through a team of dedicated storytellers.  Being an integral part of the team, I collaborate very well with key members (directors, producers, etc.), and I always aim to create an atmosphere of trust, respect, and fun.  Every frame counts when you are trying to create something compelling, entertaining, and unique, and the long hours spent in a dark room are more enjoyable when you have a great team.

Now how did I come to be an Editor?  I was a certified couch potato as a kid.  I used to watch 7+ hours of television every day, just soaking in all these stories like a sponge.  When it came time for me to choose a major in college, it was an easy decision - Film and Television.  I studied at Boston University and then at the Academy of Art University, ultimately choosing Editing because I loved how it was both technical and creative.  

While I do enjoy the different genres in film and television, I do favor working in drama, comedy, and action. I prefer editing in Avid, but can also work in Premiere.

Click here to view resume. (Portfolio version here.)

Some fun facts about me:

• I seriously considered becoming a baker because people really liked my cookies. Yes, I still bake them.

• I love training in martial arts. I've been training for 8 years and was an assistant instructor at my kung fu school.

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